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Bluesound Valut 2? Esoteric N-05?


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I have a fairly high end component system. I listen mostly to CDs. I have resisted going to computer files, partly because of the cost of download albums is often very high, and used CDs are cheap. But now there is Tidal and the possibility of streaming at CD quality and down the road at still higher quality. So far I have come across the Bluesound Vault 2 and the much more expensive Esoteric N-05. Any words of wisdom on either unit or about streaming music generally?

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Not words of wisdom but just an opinion.

Between the two, I would start with the Vault 2 that gives you the ability to rip and store the ripped files (I suggest Flac) in the 2Tb internal drive.

If the SQ when playing your files is too distant from your expectations, you can always upgrade to Esoteric (or some other high-end streamer) later on.

Definitely Tidal is worth a try, both for discovery of new music and for the simple convenience of millions of tracks at your fingertips.


FYI, I stream using a 40$ raspberry pi3 + free software (Moode Audio) + a 599$ dac (Chord Mojo) + a 175$ USB signal re-generator (Uptone Regen), so a total of about 800$ streaming system.

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