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LampizatOr Level 7

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For sale is my own, very nice LampizatOr Level 7 2 box with DSD x256.

I speced it out for myself and used it in my system, its all black has volume control,amber buttons and screen.

It can also work as preamp for other gear whis is very nice feature.



- 32bit PCM

- x256 DSD

- V-Cap copper output capacitors






- RCA inputs for preamp function (Apple remote included)






- 2x KR 45

- 2x 101 Psvane

- 2x Sylvania stacked NOS rectifiers

- 2x NOS RCA JAN rectifiers

- 2x Russian stock Lampi rectifiers


It is one of last two Level 7, 2 box units custom built by Lukasz.

This unit has fantastic deep and holographic sound with incredible dynamics. It took some time to perfect it and I came back to Lukasz to do tweaks here and there to make it what it is today.

This is two box DAC, all power supply in separate box fully isolated.

The whole concept is very logical because power button is in the PSU bottom box, also this box has switch for tube rolling and power cable input. DAC box is connected to PSU via special cable, away from power supply noise.


Reason of sale is straight forward, I moved to ballanced power amlifier and need to finally pair it with ballanced DAC to get the most of it.


Price is 7000 Euro, if you have questions, please ask.


Unit was checked by Lampi guys recently, its perfect. All paperwork, certifcates, boxes included.

I will be using Lampi DHL 2nd day air service world wide so You buy it Monday and you get it Wednesday all around the world ;-)

Lampi can also be collected in Warsaw, listening session with good glass of beer included on personal pickup ;-)





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Some small update with better photos.


I just realized that I have 4 different types of rectifiers for the DAC. The Russian stock would be 5th set. I did some rectifier rolling some time ago to match with KR 45s.

The anti vibrating feet from Golden Gate that you see in photos are also included in this sale.

This DAC is perfect for someone running SET monos like 300B. It really shows what it can do in this sort of system.

It also does great with A class transistor and did very good job in SE Naim amp based system.


Price is negotiable.

I know that first person that gets it will stop thinking about any upgrade in DAC department for a long time.


There is an option to upgrade it to R2R and DSD x512 at extra cost.

I am not far away from Lukasz so its not a big deal to do it.















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