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Room correction with Daphile and Picoreplayer?

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Is room correction possible with my setup? I have LMS running with Daphile as a Virtual Machine. And a raspberry pi with picoreplayer. That is working. Next step is to check if the current setup could be extended with room correction before I go further.


I have read that BruteFir as a plugin is available in Daphile and that something like FIR files can be loaded. According this post #630 PCM resampling needs to be set to "Fixed rate - BruteFIR mode". That is done under Audio Devices (example #666) I think. Under Daphile, running as a Virtual Machine I see Ensoniq AudioPCI. I suppose that is the sound card of the computer on which the virtual machine is running.


Am I missing something? Any pointers are welcome.

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Got feedback by Kimmo through the daphile website.


Daphile supports BruteFIR mode only for the players that run under Daphile. It's a player-side feature. However its possible to use external LMS and connect Daphile players to use it.

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