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Waste half year and around usd10k+

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I bought a fanless PC with ASUS motherboard plus OCXO clock from PAUL PANG. I didn't want to take risk to mod by myself and also worried about the compatibility issues on different components. I bought the whole set except the storage. It was in April this year. He spent more than a month to deliver, again saying CPU is not available. My nightmare started when I got it. I spent a week time and I still could switch on the PC. It only shows some flicking screens sometimes and then off again.


1. I am from HK and I called his mobile, but no answer. I email him but no response. Finally I got him to reply me.


2. Then he said it could be YOUR LPSU got the problem. I bought a switching power supply with excess power. Problems didn't go away.


3. He then said it could be the PICO could not supply enough power. I bought another PICO to try. Problems still existed.


4. It narrowed down to the motherboard, CPU, PP RAM, my own M.2 and the fanless case. I put the CPU, PP RAM and M.2 on another PC and they all worked fine.


5. Nothing to hide, it should be the modded motherboard. I asked him to change the motherboard for me. He then said my M.2 was not compatible. I forgot to mention I studied Computer Science as my first degree. Strictly speaking, he was trying to make up stories and hope you would give up. During this back and forth with him, I sometimes could make the PC worked but only by luck and the chance is less than 10%.


6. Only when late Jun, he asked me to send him the motherboard for checking not return and I did. Then no answer for two weeks. I then got him on his facebook when he was online at midnight. He said he was in hospital. Believe him or not? He said he would test it later. Another 3 weeks gone, he said nothing was wrong with the motherboard. I told him it never works for me. He suggested to put the original clock back and sold me his M.2 PCIE SSD. #$%@%! He could not recall his story saying M.2 was not compatible with his motherboard. I asked myself why I bought a normal ASUS mobo from Paul Pang with high premium. Anyway, he did mail me with the Motherboard with the original clock soldered.


7. Do I have a Fxxxing choice? When I put the mobo back, the same problem still existed. It could not boot up. I asked Paul Pang to refund. He agreed initially. Reading the responses from a number of Paul Pang's customers pending for refund, I decided to ask him to refund first before I sent it back. I think we all pay Paul Pang in advance before he delivers his good stuff. I guess he should do something and trust his customers as a return.


8. Finally this is his last response.


no return any more,







I don't have time to waste


If anyone wants to try his motherboard and M.2 PCIE SSD, you only need to pay the mailing, I'll send it to you for free.


Today is Nov 5. 6 months gone and money wasted.

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Sorry to hear your story. You've done what I've always wanted to by publishing this. He raked me over the coals on my server parts, claiming my fault, my parts no good, I don't know what I'm doing and finally, sorry no warranty. There's been lots of us on this forum with similar stories. Anyone considering buying parts from him should spend their money in other ways.

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Ouch, sounds really bad. I believe this is not the first time we hear of complaints like that.

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We all from different parts of the world, but we have one thing in common, to improve the sound quality of our systems. We all understand no single shop, vendor, city or country can make a perfect system. That's why we have a forum and share experience on using different hardware, software, cables... We believe users and vendors are all serious about sound and they are trust worth. A good example is BHSE done by Justin. I have bought one this year. We all need to wait for a year at least but the built quality is worth for the wait.


I am serious about sound quality and also my money spent on it. DOA is not an option for any audiophile here. DOA without any services is really unacceptable. I have concluded a few points from my experience.


1. Paul Pang is hungry for money. If you are asking for a quote, you will find him very responsive. Once you paid, you hardly get his reply. He will not send you tracking number, respond to your questions again. One thing I did and it worked. You can ask him for a quote for other stuff.


2. Don't ever say he is Taiwanese and perhaps he doesn't know English. I cannot comment his English standard. I am from Hong Kong and I sent him email in Chinese. Again no response.


3. I tried to catch him in Facebook. I am not the only one doing this. You will find there could be a long queue of people doing the same. They all complain on his cables, clock, SSD, USB card, never receive refund,... But then he will delete it without a trace.


4. He will make up stories, mostly compatibility one, to get rid of his poor quality products. Once he sent me a picture telling me my motherboard could recognise his M.2 PCIE SSD. I tried 2 days and my motherboard still could not find his SSD. You know what I did. I pulled out all the parts and resembled it again a number of times. I used that 10% chance working time to go into the BIOS and configure it. How annoying this is.....

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