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iTunes Freezing when ripping


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I'm trying to rip some of my Bruce Hornsby disks to Apple Lossless and I am getting some ripping freezes. It will get through a whole CD and then on the last track only it will freeze in the rip. I got to force quit and then eject the cd. Can't get it get though the last songs. I have error correction on and all.


Any help?




Update: I got it to work. It just takes like 10 minutes to do the last tracks. Very weird. Is it due maybe to when the disks are finalized at the manufacturer?


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I've run into this before. Some discs are just "different" and they don't conform to the redbook CD specification. Notice they probably don't have the Compact Disc logo on them or the case. In addition some minor scratches can cause this freezing issue whereas some CDs with huge scratches work just fine and vice-versa. I do have a couple redbook CDs in prestine condition that just won't rip on my MacBook Pro. On my Wife's MacBook the CDs rip perfect.


Who knows :-|


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... plus the fact that I have noticed that the conversion program, Max ( I don't use Apple Lossless), seems to 'preprocess' a bunch of data early in the conversion process, and then seems to take quite a while to finish the the conversion to FLAC. I have a feeling that (1) an upcoming (or existing) software update will speed up your rip time on the same CD's you are talking about, and (2) This will always be an issue when ripping to lossless compressed audio.


This is all to say that, IMO, the problem has more to do with the "visual progress indicator software" that you are watching on the computer than with the actual conversion itself. Ripping the audio is one thing. Converting it to lossless audio is another. Displaying the progress of these functions is YET another. .... the OS X 10.5.3 update claims to have started the repair on this function (visual progress indicator) of software.... I haven't tested that portion of the upgrade yet.




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I've found that it's the fact that you NEED error correction on to get by these tough spots on certain disks. When it's happened to me, it was on earlier iterations of my digital journey without error correction. With error correction in iTunes, these disks don't stop, they proceed smoothly to the end. Try that....Paul


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Hey Paul - I always have error correction on and it hasn't made a difference as far as these troubled discs are concerned. I'm very happy to hear it has helped for you though!


Note: Nobody should take this out of context. Error correction is a must and works fabulous. For me it just hasn't made a difference ripping some discs with major issues. It does make a big difference ripping 99.99% of discs.


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