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Simultaneous headset and headphone

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Hi all. First time poster here.


I have an Acer Chromebook CB3-531-C4A5.


For phone training (using VOIP) I want to have a headset (trainee) and headphone (trainer) at same time and not sure of the best solution.


I purchased a Sabrent USB Adapter (photo attached) and will test but I'm not holding my breath.



Any recommendations for this? Maybe a stand alone USB mic and a basic headphone splitter?


My headsets and headphones are basic Office Depot with a 3.5mm jack.




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anyone? thanks.


Doesn't your computer have a separate headphone jack and microphone jack? If they're combined in one jack then you'd need a headphone with a 'smartphone' cable to use it. If you have the combo jack then just get a splitter for that smart jack, and use headphones whose plugs serve listening and talking both (iOS and Android). If your computer has separate mic and headphone jacks, then get splitters for both.

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