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Musical Fidelity V-DAC Mk II plus Pangea power supply

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For sale is a used V-DAC II plus dedicated Pangea Audio power supply from Audio Advisor. Not sure if it's a LPS, and guessing maybe not since they didn't market it as such. Anyway, a classic DAC from the recent past. To my ear, it's easily competitive with Schiit DACs in this price range.


Has co-axial, optical and USB inputs, and it’s a 24bit/192kHz asynchronous USB design.


Here are some links about it:

Musical Fidelity | V-DACII DAC

Musical Fidelity V-DAC II D/A processor | Stereophile.com


Retail was $480 ($380 + $100). Asking US$200.00

PayPal only and no trades, please. Buyer to pay shipping. I'll cover the PP fee. I don't sell a lot, but I have all positive feedback under the same username at Head-fi dot org.





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