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Mytek Brooklyn vs Oppo HA-1

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Hello everybody :-). If someone compare this two combo? I have write now Brooklyn on the test and this is phenomenal device. I have a Sennheiser HD800s and i wonder where will be better amp? and what is the better choice in the sound signature for HD800s. Any opinions? P.S. - sorry for my weak english :-).

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The Brooklyn is much cleaner and deeper sounding. People say the ESS Dacs are a bit bright and might exaggerate some silibance the 800 can bring out.... This is my second DAC and I love the Brooklyn. ..I still have to sell my HA1 so I can pay for my Mr Speakers upgrade....

In my opinion the upgrade is 20 % improvement on the HA1 but it is a lot more in cost...

But I love both but I just use it as a headphone amp.

I use USB OTG on my phone with USB audio player pro....

Both sound good with my Mr Speakers.

The OPPO should be cheap second hand ..I got mine for £800 the new OPPO should come out next year and drop the resale price...


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