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Easy method to convert DTS file


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We often have some DTS audio files, which offers spectacular sound effect but also account for a large amount of memory. I know a method can maintain the original sound quality and save the storage space.

Only a DTS converter and three steps, we can enjoy DTS audio anywhere.

Step 1 add the DTS file to the software

Step 2 chose the output format or device

Step 3 click the button "Run"

All these finished, the DTS files are converted.

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As a vendor, you're required to disclose that fact any time you make a post that references your products.


When have you ever seen a Spammer do that ?

Incidentally, the freeware VLC Media Player for Windows plays BluRay video encoded with DTS multi channel audio very well, without loss of quality as with many of these software converters.


How a Digital Audio file sounds, or a Digital Video file looks, is governed to a large extent by the Power Supply area. All that Identical Checksums gives is the possibility of REGENERATING the file to close to that of the original file.


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