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[HOW-TO] How to install Java JRE in Windows Server Core


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Hi Folks

This question seems to be asked a lot, so i though why not make a short guide about how to achieve it:


1. Copy the JRE installer in a local folder on your target system, c:\temp for example


2. Create a batch file with this code and save it also in c:\temp, name it "jre.cmd" for example

pushd %~dp0
start /wait jre-8u112-x64.exe INSTALLCFG=%~dp0jre.cfg

(Adjust the jre-81112-x64.exe part if needed to match the version you actually downloaded)


3. Create another file with the code below and name it "jre.cfg", put it also in c:\temp



4. launch jre.cmd and open the Task Manager, you will see the installer running


5. Once the installer is gone, Java JRE is installed and ready to go

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20 hours ago, billg said:

I wonder if it matters whether bubbleupnp server is on the controlpc or on the music server?


if you put it on the music server, it's available to all control points and generally more stable.  you don't want multiple instances running at the same time.

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