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DSD troubleshooting


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I had been happily playing DSD (.dsf) from a Mac/Pure Music to an iFi Micro, but recently changed to a TEAC UD-503 DAC and can't get DSD to work. After trying to troubleshoot, I've come up with a couple of potential culprits - it seems that perhaps the TEAC doesn't accept DSD over PCM on the USB port, which is the port I'm using (UD-503 | TEAC)? Also it seems that Pure Music only plays DSD via DoP, although Pure Music support documents were hard to find, and the only DSD setup guide from Pure Music I found was from 2012? These two factors appear to make sense though, as the DAC is sensing the Pure Music output as PCM @ 176. Does anyone have experience or knowledge of this issue?


More generally, as part of trying to troubleshoot this specific issue, I'm under the impression that Mac's can only use DoP (instead of a native DSD stream), because they don't have ASIO? Am I misunderstanding that? Trying to troubleshoot the DAC, I downloaded TEAC HR player - which WAS in fact able to output a native DSD stream (it claims that it can play 1x, 2x, and 4x DSD on a Mac). I'm obviously missing something here - what is it?!



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