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Auralic Aries - AirPlay not working since iOS 10.1?

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This week I installed iOS 10.1 on my iPhone and iPad. Call me an idiot, but when firmware upgrades present itself, I'm always hitting the install button.


This morning I want to start listening on my Auralic Aries from an Apple Music from my iPad, using AirPlay, and somehow the Aries doesn't appear anymore on my iPad as AirPlay playback device. Checking the same on my iPhone, and also there, the Aries is not appearing.


Could it be that iOS 10.1 again changed something in the Airplay implementation, causing the Aries not to be compatible anymore? Does anyone else have this problem?


Firmware installed on my Aries is also the latest one, version 4.0 I believe.

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Just now I found my old iPad Mini and tried to connect from there. It's still running iOS 9.

Strangely, also there my Aries is not showing up as AirPlay playback device.


So it seems my problem has nothing to do with iOS 10.1 but what can it be then?


Lightning DS works perfectly fine otherwise, no network connectivity problems. I'm running on wired network. I've made no changes to my router.


I've done a full power cycle on the Aries and rebooted my router. Problem persists. What can it be?

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Finally in the Aries settings I've been switching Roon and AirPlay on and off several times.

Guess what, AirPlay works again. Not only from iOS 9, but also from 10.1.


Apologies for having suggested Aries wasn't compatible with iOS 10.1 because so far I never had compatibility issues, and still don't have them today.


Topic can be closed.

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