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Definitive Tech W9/W7 Play fi speakers seen by Jriver but won't play

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Is anyone using the Definitive Technology DLNA compliant speakers?


J river can see the speakers but won't actually play audio to it (counter plays 5secs then jumps back to 0.)


I recently bought the w9 and w7 speakers (which seemed to be one of the better sounding DLNA wifi speakers - and they do indeed sound good for my use - a small bedroom speaker and bathroom speaker.


I am able to get them on my 5ghz network, name them and stream radio via the play-Fi (DTS app.)


I can even browse my Jriver library as long as the associated zone is set to stream as MP3 .


Jrivers new feature even let's me set downsampling for each zone so the W9 and W7 can get my 192k and SACD ISO and my PS Audio DS gets native and DSD via dop.


The play-fi app is rudimentary compared to Jriver/Jremote for browsing my library.


The speaker lists as being DLNA compliant . I see the speakers listed as renderers on Jriver.


Any suggestions for getting this working?

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The DTS Play-Fi network streaming system is proprietary (despite DTS's rather loose reference to Play-Fi as being 'open', with it being adopted by quite a few manufacturers), though Play-Fi is supposed to be able to access UPnP/DLNA media servers for their music file libraries - such as JRiver's.


However, there is no reference to DTS Play-Fi devices being UPnP/DLNA renderers, ie, being able to be controlled by standard UPnP/DLNA control points. In other words, DTS Play-Fi's DLNA 'compliance' appears to be just to be able to access UPnP/DLNA media servers. So just because JRiver's built-in standard UPnP/DLNA control point can 'see' DTS Play-Fi supporting devices as UPnP/DLNA renderers, it doesn't necessarily mean that it can actually control them.

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