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Moray James Cables for Sale

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Moray James cables have their following and are harder to find these days. These are extra as my system has become more simple.

Furutech F1-8N termination 5' ($250)

Power 2.5 2 meter ($250)

Neutric terminated 2.5 meter power cord. ($350)

Single ended RCA 1 meter pair (2 pair) ($250 ea.)

Coax Digital 5 feet ($250)

AES/EBU Digital 1 meter ($250)

Balanced 1 meter (2 pair) ($500 ea.)

Strait Wire speaker cable 10' Spade. Uncertain the model. Metallic blue shielding. ($150)

Nordost Shiva 2 meter power cable (2 pair) $50 each.


High Fidelity Ultimate Reference RCA and speaker cables (email if interested).


Paypal, buyer pays shipping.

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