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Western Digital My Passport 1TB Drive

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I just received a new 1TB external hard drive which I'm pretty excited about.




Because of it's physical size: 4.3 x 3.2 x 1 inches ; 6.7 ounces plus it's entirely by USB powered, so no wall wart.


So, aside from a short mini-USB cable, I can carry my complete music collection in my pocket. Granted, I wouldn't want to carry it around all day long, but I could if I wanted.


To put this into perspective, this drive is only about 25% larger than my HTC Touch Pro2 PDA.


If I'm giving out information everyone already knows, sorry about that.


But if not, you can get these drives for $200 at the following link (and I'm sure other locations as well):





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I have a 320Gb model, from when that was the largest available.


It's a great idea.


At this point, I'm waiting on SSD version of My Passport for purely portable use. If others are as well, this might limit the sales off ever larger HD based 'Passports' going forward.




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I notice you have a Wavelength Proton. I have vacilated between Ayre QB9 and the Wavelength Coaesent. The $1000 differnce is one reason I am drawn to the Ayre. One worry I have is that the Ayre has only a USB hook up whereas the Wavelength allows me to hook up my CD player and USB. I still have reservations that the music from my Mac will sound as good as a CD. Question, what do you think of the Wavelength? Anything about it that shoud make me consider it over the Ayre? Also, Can I run a Mac Mini into my iMac and share the iMac screen? I appreciate any informstion you could share with me.





\"A prudent question is one-half of wisdom.\"[br] -Francis Bacon

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First off, welcome to CA!


"Question, what do you think of the Wavelength? Anything about it that shoud make me consider it over the Ayre?"


Well, for starters, we could look at the obvious. The Wavelength products (except for my Proton) have tube-based analog sections. If that fact alone doesn't sway you one way or the other, I;m not sure what else would. They both use Gordon's Async USB technology, and both are fabulous sounding I'm sure (I've no heard either). Both men provide great service (although I can only attest personally to Gordon). Neither of them are slick, PR machines (which is a big plus, in my view), and have loyal followings despite (or because of) their slightly cantankerous, "mad scientist" demeanor - that last bit meant in the best possible way! :)


I doubt one could go wrong with either. It all boils down to taste. Were it my money, I'd go with the Cosecant, given the choice between those two. I"m a Luddite at heart, and a big fan of retro styling, as well as tube-based low-level amplification (preamp, etc), as a companion to simply-designed Class A solid state power amps, and lately I've taken my tube pre out of the signal.


Well, there is the matter that each only allow one input, although that doesn't help you choose between the two, but perhaps puts other DACs into play, e.g. the DAC2 mentioned above.


I've not used my CD player (even as transport) since I hooked up my Metric Halo ULN-2 to a Macbook Pro for the first time. While not SOTA/reference caliber, the Arcam FMJ CD23 was well regarded in its day. I've never looked back.


"Also, Can I run a Mac Mini into my iMac and share the iMac screen?"


Yep, you just turn on Screen sharing in the System Preferences panel called 'Sharing'.







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