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Two month old Sonore Signature Power Supply For MicroRendu w/Synergistic Black Fuses

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Consolidating systems and as a result I have a Silver Sonore Signature Power Supply with Synergistic Research Black Fuses for sale. It's the recommended power supply for the microRendu, and was redesigned specifically for it. It was purchased in July/August, and is in absolutely mint condition. I'll follow-up with photos when I'm home. I paid $1589 for it, happy to share the receipt since the fuses aren't externally visible. The unit includes the the custom Cardas DC power cord. The PSU isn't sold with an AC power cord, although they recommend the Cardas Clear M. But I was told that any power cord 13 gauge or above is acceptable. I have a fantastic Tellurium Q Ultra Blue I can package with it, if you're interested. I'm pricing the PSU at $1100, a 30% discount on an item that is rarely, if ever, available at a discount. Considering the PSU's age and condition I think this is a great deal. I'd rave about the sound quality, but I'll let a few posts I found with a quick Google search tell the story. Original box and packing.


I'm Not Gonna Tell How Great My MicroRendu plus Sonore Signature Power Supply Sounds!!


Audio Asylum Thread Printer




Sonore Signature Series Power Supply - a computer audiophile power supply



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