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On Becoming a Computer Audiophile

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I can't tell you when it dawned on me that I am a "computer audiophile" but at the very latest it occurred when I found this site and saw how the topics discussed here relate so closely to my interests. There is so much noise out there and this site is an oasis of clarity, simplicity, civility and expertise. On top of a very demanding job, family responsibilities and other obligations, I try to spend as many hours as I can at my computer listening to my music. It is my catharsis. One of my friends asked me "where are you going with this [interest in computer audio]?" I replied, "I sure as heck don't know but there is a lot to learn and explore and I know there are others out there who share the interest. The future of high quality digital music and sound is broader and deeper than perhaps at any time in history. I want to see where it leads." This site and the new audiophile wiki have helped focus me on the direction I need to go in terms of hardware, DAC, speakers, storage, acoustics and other long term strategies for enjoying music and anticipating future needs. Its terrific.






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Hi WYS - There are certainly many others out there who share your/our interest in the computer audiophile world. You are 100% correct by saying, "The future of high quality digital music and sound is broader and deeper than perhaps at any time in history." I hope we can all help each other out with either a wealth of knowledge or by sharing our experiences and questions related to this topic. You know you're breaking new ground when many of the high end companies admit they have no idea about how all of this works or what products they want to come out with (i.e. USB DAC, FireWire DAC, 24/88.2, 24/192 etc...)


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.. (welcome to Computer Audiophile!) -sniff- you've got me sort of misty right now. I agree totally with your description of this website and the community that surrounds it. Not because I love to help-out here when I can - there are a lot of more talented folks here than I - but because I too believe in the vision of 'what can be' that Chris has brought into cyber-reality that is now called Computer Audiophile.


I agree with your assessment of the state of digital music delivery and audio quality right now as well, and would love to see things carried forward to their logical - I don't want to say "conclusion" - but I will say that for now for want of a better term


You left out one thing though: You can have FUN here too!


Be sure that you keep coming back, and please let us know what you are up to - we love to stick our opinions in when they are applicable.




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