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Tidal in Start Up...

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Lately when I boot my new laptop, Tidal loads up at startup. I have deleted it from the Startup folder, checked the shellstartup and it is not there, and deleted it from the start menu in the Services tab. Why is it still loading at startup? Using Windows 10 with TIdal desktop application.

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In the Tidal Windows app, go to Settings and then click on Account and scroll to the bottom. There is an option for Startup "Open Tidal automatically after you log into the computer". Check No from the pull-down menu below.

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Same issue here on my mac. Tried everything. 

Lyngdorf MP40..Aurender A10..Panasonic UB9000..SimAudio Titan MCH Amp..Dali Euphonia MS4s/CS4/Phantom IW..JL Audio F112..Shunyata Research Ztron Alpha HC/Wireworld Silver Electra PCs..Symposium Svelte Shelf Plus..Billy Bags rack.

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