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High pitched signal from tweeter when USB cable is connected to laptop


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I just purchased a new set of speakers. After connecting them to my system I noticed a high pitched tone or signal coming from the tweeters. If I unplug the USB cable from my laptop that connects it to my preamp/processor the signal goes away. If I leave the USB connected to the laptop but disconnect the power cord and leave the laptop running on battery the signal also goes away.


The high pitched tone or signal sounds like morse code being transmitted from the tweeter.


I was able to borrow a Chord 'Chordette Gem' DAC to see if it would have any effect or remove the high pitched sound. It actually made it worse. I could hear the signal across the room. And it added a single "thump" sound when the music started. I stopped the music and another "thump" occured about 30 seconds after the music had stopped. I immediately removed the Chordette from the system.


The laptop is a Dell Inspiron 1525 running Vista. I've tried plugging the laptop into a couple of different surge protectors (Brickwall and Monster) and directly into the wall outlet. No change.


Any ideas as to what's causing this and how I might remedy the situation would be much appreciated.




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