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Potential upgrade - Weiss DAC2 vs. Benchmark DAC1 USB?

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I'm currently using a Benchmark DAC1 USB with my Macbook Pro, and was wondering

if a Weiss DAC2 would be a substantial upgrade from the Benchmark. Would anyone

care to chime in here?


Also planned for the future is the Amarra Mini software upgrade....which would provide

a greater imporovement, not considering the $$$ outlay?






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Hi Mike,


The Weiss IS a substantial upgrade to the Benchmark. I used to own the Benchmark DAC1 USB and was completely happy with it until a friend brought his Weiss DAC2 over. What surprised me was that the Weiss beat the Benchmark in all areas that the Benchmark excels in, such as transient response, speed, detail and dynamics. In addition, the Weiss offers more resolution, more nuance and more refinement - it made the Benchmark sound closed in and veiled in comparison. In particular in the bass the Weiss shows more control and more extension, and a much fuller warmer sound. It didn't take more than 10 minutes to decide that the Weiss was significantly better - 4 other friends sold their Benchmark after hearing the Weiss in their system as well. It is the first time digital has come close to my DPS, Schroeder, Allaerts set-up IMO.


I would be surprised if you don't like the Weiss DAC2. The possibility to run high-res files up to 24/196 is a nice bonus too.


Best wishes,




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I've heard the Benchmark in my system (although, full disclosure, never at the same time as demoing and/or then owning the DAC2). Much fuller, more organic (the benchmark was the least organic DAC I've heard in awhile, least tonally correct midrange IMO), and yet more detailed and dynamic too. Please get back to us when you hear it. Thx



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Weiss a big upgrade over my (non-usb) Benchmark Dac 1. The main thing I noticed was the significant increase in clarity and resolution, the soundstage was more 3d and instruments were located in their own points in space.


Amarra in my system anyway didn't make any difference


Nyal Mellor, Acoustic Frontiers LLC.

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