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Newbie looking to pre-wire ceiling speakers for new house


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Hi All,


We are building our first home, and are wanting to have builder pre-wire for in-ceiling speakers. One set pre-wires for 2 speakers, and we are thinking of having total 4 speakers in the house. However, we are not that savvy when it comes to speakers and all the new technology, so looking for help on choosing the right location for those speakers. Right now, planning to have them in Dining room, kitchen/nook area, living room, and covered patio in the back. Wife really loved them when we toured model homes, and likes streaming music while doing chores around the house.

Question is: how do we choose the right location within each area? Any help will be appreciated.



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I can't help with location, but make sure the wire they run is certified for in-wall installations (toxicity level if the house burns). Audio quest makes affordable in wall cable in 14 gauge. I use it for my regular speakers. My contractor and electrician knew nothing about certification for inwall cable when I did a remodel and ran some. I had to read up on it.

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with regard to location and sound quality, in-wall is better than in-ceiling -- sound is quite directional so in-ceiling tends to spotlight (like recessed lights) unless the ceiling is high. in-wall tends to fill a room more evenly. the obvious down side of in-wall is that you're more likely to notice them even with the grilles painted to match the wall color.


in dining rooms and kitchens, i always recommended to customers to not put them in-ceiling over the eating space -- the person below them gets overwhelmed.


for speaker cable, belden makes very good 14/2 cable. typically comes in 500' boxes.


have fun building your house -- i love the process!


all of the above is of course just my opinion . . .

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I have several in ceiling speakers and like them a lot - don't even know they are there visually. I have it set up for TV and music like Sonos. I placed them in one room in the corners to the right and left of the TV and use a Sonos sub to fill out the bass. I a much bigger room I placed them about two feet out from the wall the TV is one and like 8' apart.


Two things I would suggest:


1. When you finally do it get some good speakers. I've been really happy with the Martin Logan Vanquish. They are monsters but sound really good. As your system grows these will just sound even better. Once installed you really don't want to keep swapping out speakers it just to much hassle so get some good ones from the beginning.


2. The other thing if you go with ceiling mounted spend the extra money and enclose them in Dynabox. It really helps with the bass. Better yet is you can box out the area above them during the construction. Then all you will need to do is pack in fiberglass insulation around them at install.


3. I agree with JCN3 don't skimp on the speaker cable particularly if you plan on being there for awhile. I would recommend Audioquest or Nordost 14-2 wire. Its a lot easier and cheaper now to spend a little more then to climb and rerun wires later believe me you will thank your self in the future how wise you were.

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