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JS-2 benefits for other gear

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Very close to ordering one for use with a micro Rendu and a TiVo. Can anyone share their experiences with gear like TiVo? I've found the Roamio responds well to improved power.


I'd also appreciate hearing experiences with the Rendu. Details on improvements above the ifi have been scarce beyond "it's better."



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I have two JS-2's in my system. One is for powering the PC. The second is for powering my Merging NADAC MC-8 DAC.


Whether or not you will notice a benefit depends on the quality of the power supply you are upgrading from. Both the PC and the NADAC were powered by switch-mode power supplies (SMPS) and there was a noticable benefit from switching from the stock SMPS to the JS-2.


The PC was unbelievably noisy with the standard SMPS. There would be low level buzz, hiss, and every now and then a click or pop would go through the system. The JS-2 COMPLETELY cleared this up, and the dynamics are better, to boot. In fact the improvement was so dramatic that if I made a Youtube video of it, you would easily hear it.


The improvement with the NADAC was more subtle. I was hoping for a similar dramatic improvement that I heard with the PC, but it appears that the standard SMPS that comes with the NADAC isn't too bad. Yet, there was an improvement. Dynamics seem to be better, timbre is better, and the top end is so much cleaner.


I do not have any experience with a MicroRendu or Tivo, so I can't help you there. But - given that it has rather modest power requirements, perhaps Uptone's new Ultracaps power supply might be a better option.

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