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Surprising Experiences with FLAC, Hi-Res vs. Pandora

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Hi All,

I've got a stumper for you. I have been surprised that my general satisfaction listening to Pandora One is higher than the FLAC files I stream. Here is my setup:


NAS Synology DS411

Networked via Netgear Powerline to

Sonic Orbiter connected via Optical SPDF upgraded to iFi powersupply

Streaming with SqueezeLite on the SOSE and LMS 7.9 on the NAS to

Anthem MRX720 to

Goldenear Triton One


The FLAC files can be a wide variety of bitrates up to 196/24. Mostly I burned but the hi-res I bought.


The Pandora One audio seems to have a deeper and wider sound stage, otherwise more pleasing. I have not done an exhaustive A/B test but suffice it to say I continue to be surprised that most of the time I'd rather listen to the lower bitrate streaming MP3, so I'm thinking something in my configuration of the SOSE/SqueezeLite/LMS must be off.


A while back I increased the SOSE buffer size to 8k on recommendation of a fellow boardmember to solve a problem I can't recall just yet. BUT are there "known" tweaks that unleash the LMS and SqueezeLite combo on the SOSE to realize the benefits of the lossless uncompressed format and higher bit rates?


Otherwise very happy with SqueezeLite (I use the OrangeSqueeze control point).


Love to hear diagnosis and tweaking recommendations. Thanks!



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