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Resonessence Labs Invicta VII in excellent condition

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I'm selling a Resonessence Labs Invicta V2 (with the ES9018 chip on the headphone card and additional frequency rate LEDs on the front) purchased new in July 2013 directly from resonessencelabs.com, in superb condition.


It's a terrific DAC / source / amp combo. Here's Resonessence's own description on their web page :


"Exceptional Value


  • Engineered with more conveniences than a standard DAC
  • Adaptable for home use or in the recording studio.
  • Designed by the chassis designers at IMWorks, and Resonessence engineers intimately familiar with the exceptional ESS Sabre DAC. Designed, produced, and manufactured in Canada.
  • Provides endless hours of high-fidelity audio playback.
  • Minimal amounts of noise and distortion and accurate frequency response

Flexible I/O


  • SD card reader for seamless high-resolution sound enjoyment without a computer. No computer, no noise added into the loop.
  • RCA + XLR analog outputs.
  • High-speed USB, Toslink, BNC, AE5.
  • Supports all major audio inputs and outputs
  • Two headphone amplifiers that deliver pristine sound quality."


It's in excellent condition bar a few specs of dust that found their way between the OLED screen and the protective cover.

There are a few bumps on the Apple remote that is sold with it.


It no longer is covered by the warranty. You'll still receive the original invoice, and a letter certifying the transfer of property in English or French. The internal power supply can easily be switched to your country's voltage.


I can ship to anywhere in the world, but will give strong priority to European buyers. If I have to send it outside of Europe, you may, depending on certain conditions, have to pay customs taxes. It will be shipped from Paris.


Price is 2400 euros.


Price includes Paypal but not shipping fees.

I am new to these forums but I've participated to head-fi regularly for several years under the same pseudo.


If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask me - I'll answer as rapidly as I can !




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