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Anyone here have Sirius XM? What channels do you listen to?


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I have Sirius in my car and it is convenient for long trips and such. My question stems from the fact that I seem to be unable to find much current music on it. There's the 50s-00s, then classic vinyl, bridge, etc. What channels are good for finding new stuff besides Hits 1? I just can't do today's pop. Rock, Jazz, AC or anything where people are playing real instruments is fine.

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I have it and mainly flip between these stations the most:


Hair Nation

Ozzy's Boneyard

Studio54 Radio

The 80's channel


I only wish they had or played a wider variety of music from those generes. Too may repeats or just the same stuff month after month.


I'll probably let my subscription run out this time and not repurchase

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XMU is the hipster station of SIRUS/XM and plays a lot of new stuff you've probably never heard before. Worth a shot for sure. If you are a metal head, Liquid Metal plays a lot of new music. Unfortunately there are not really any stations dedicated to newer mainstream rock 'n roll. Does AOR even exist anymore?


It can be so hard to crank up any of their rock stations in the car. Their bitrate can get so low and compression so high that it sounds like you are listening underwater.

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I listen to SirusXM mostly in the car and sometimes at home through Sonos. I don't think of it as being high quality, just convenient since I have those all over my house (and outside too). I also have one of the Connect boxes connected via it's optical out going into my home theater, which does sound much better than the Connect:Amp.

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Only in the car:

ESPN Radio - 80

Lithium - 34 (very repetitive)

1st Wave - 33 (relive the '70s-'80s New Wave; I have picked up on Echo & The Bunnymen...never listened to them then but wish I had)

SiriusXMU - 35 (Sometimes my favorite and other times I skip through. They have spurts of Chillwave/Psychedelic and I have picked up new music)

AltNation - 36


If I cannot find anything I scroll down to 25-27 which are the Classic Rock stations.


I have periods of long drives so I get through all the stations pretty regularly.



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