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Next wave of Amarra issues


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I hope the Sonic people understand the reasons for changing SQ across versions and are in some kind of control of it.


Macbook pro 15\" 2.53ghz core 2 duo with Amarra, 1 TB storage, 6 GB memory -> USB locus-design nucleus cable -> EA overdrive DAC -> -> modded parasound JC1 monoblocks -> cadence ARCA loudspeakers + REL studio III

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The latter for me has moved ahead considerably. Very enjoyable, gapless playback works superbly and sonically it's right on the money.




Audirvana Plus/Dirac Live - Weiss 202 - Lavardin IT-15 - Art Emotion Signatures.  DragonFly Red - Sennheiser HD600s & IE800s.

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Same problem from this side of the ocean! I installed Amarra on my PowerBook Pro dedicated as a music server but the software keeps closing on its own (a first windows opens [Amarra Music Software] than the vertical window of the software open for a fraction of a second and I get a message saying that the software has closed itself unexpectedly). It is not a problem of this particular laptop as it does the same on my other MacBook Pro.

Has anyone got the same problem?

Thanks! (not to Sonic Studio!)

Andrea Tubaro



Andrea Tubaro

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