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Next wave of Amarra issues


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I think I have solved the "issues" I had with 3189. I lowered the level of the Powered Wilson Watch Dog Sub in my system. It comes in at 30Hz 12dB/Octave. The Wilson Sashas are run full range. Sounds pretty good now and cleans up the midrange.


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Having got fed up with various Amarra issues, I have downloaded Pure Vinyl which is a cheaper solution offering much more than a music server (with iTunes). It's available for download from http://www.channld.com/pure-vinyl_download.html and provides a more useful demo version.


Early indications are very positive, it is not codec or hardware dependent and supports gapless playback. Try it and see what you think. I have no connection or relationship with them, other than as a prospective customer, which is looking increasingly likely.




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I too am loving PV, it's the first time I believe in a decade or so that the music doesn't sound like it's coming out of a computer ;) ..and yes I've tried all the latest software including the current Amarra build.


To my ears it sounds more open and controlled than any other playback app. I've tried, with finer imaging and better definition throughout the whole scale.


Not sure about bit perfection, jitter or dither or any other stealthy sonic manipulation it might employ, but simply, it just sounds right.


It also helps that it seamlessly integrates iTunes .ie plays whichever file type you throw at it.


Minor gripe with the the fact that you have to re-upsample every time you manually select a different track in iTunes, but via memory playback it does play albums/lists gaplessly, and I'm sure that upsampling bug can be fixed in the next release.


Ok I'm starting to sound like a fanboy now ..better get back to the music


..try it if you, like me, spend hours listening to your mac




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not asking about upsampling, just about the one feature of Amarra that is impossible to live without...auto sample rate changes in iTunes/Audio Midi (playing native 16/44 then playing native 24/176)


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Ted, this is off the attached pdf;


"Pure Vinyl also offers a memory play mode for minimum CPU and disk activity

during playback. Also unlike iTunes, Pure Vinyl automatically switches your audio

hardware to match the sample rate of the music file being played (no resampling)."


iMac i5 w/ ROON > HP Stream w/ Fidelizer > Intona Industrial > Singxer F-1 DDC > ABBAS DAC3.1SE > Line Magnetic LM-518IA > Altec 604-8G in Custom 350L Cabinets + REL R-528

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and have today's daily, Version Preview 4C loaded. Auto sample rate changes do ocur, but the handshake between iTunes and PV is still a bit buggy for me. It's a nice sounding player so far, and the "target" sample rate idea is a nice feature too (upsample, if chosen, only those files below a certain target rate).


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Ted commented "[..] but the handshake between iTunes and PV is still a bit buggy [..]"


Give it a bit of leeway - it is Preview Release not final version software.






...in my opinion / experience...

While I agree "Everything may matter" working out what actually affects the sound is a trickier thing.

And I agree "Trust your ears" but equally don't allow them to fool you - trust them with a bit of skepticism.

keep your mind open... But mind your brain doesn't fall out.

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Hi Keith,

3189 is 1.1 and not beta. I imagine, you have a newer release? Any more information? Gapless, better sound quality and what else?

I cant wait, because right now I use 1.02 because I prefer the sound to 1.1.

This info made my day. Thanks



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... the 3195 build. On the website I can find only 1.1 (3189) and few older releases.





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Hi Sanyay,

try to contact support. The last time I had issues, they sent me a link to the latest release. I guess they try to avoid too much public beta testing. I understand that very well. Because thats what a lot of user complain about, that Amarra is all about public beta and the price is way too steep for that.

I think different, but I understand that Sonic is cautious - I would be too.



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have it on his site if he wanted everyone to get it. He asked that those of us who are on the listening board keep it confidential until public releases (otherwise why do it). OTOH, if Jon will send it to you with a simple email, go for it.


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Hey guys,


Build 3195 is indeed a beta release. Dealers have just received and are testing it, and it will be rolled out once the beta testing if finished. Unless you are interested in becoming a beta tester for Sonic Studio, you should probably stick with the latest version, available on the Amarra Audio website. That said, I am told the sound quality has improved in this version, and we are anxious to work through our testing phase.


Happy listening.


Sanjay Patel | Ciamara Corporation | New York, NY | www.ciamara.com

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"That said, I am told the sound quality has improved in this version, and we are anxious to work through our testing phase."


I was told by my Amarra dealer - VRS - not so long ago that they are prohibited from discussing not-yet-public aspects of the product.


I was personally asked by Jon NOT to mention the latest version online - as he didn't want to build up interest given the length of time before the next release would be available.


And yet, we have both Coops and Sanjay discussing it here, spreading rumours about an improved version not yet available. I'm shocked! ;)










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I have downloaded the trial version of Amarra. I have not really been able to detect a difference in sound quality with it or without - I may have setup something wrong :)

I can, of course, hear difference if I turn on the EQ...


My setup, which is changing as I have just started playing with computerbased playback:


QNAP TS-209 NAS -> iTunes -> iBook G4 -> Carat UD-1 USB -> Audio Research DAC5 via TosLink


Files in Apple Lossless


Any suggestions, as at the moment I find it hard to spend $400-$1000 on the Amarra player :)

Any iTunes adjustments, other than the above mentioned, I should be aware of. The same with the setup of the iBook.






/Henrik[br]Mac > Halide The Bridge > Audio Research DAC-5 > Audio Research LS-8 > Audio Research VT-100 Mk II > Magneplanar MG-1.7[br]Connected with ZenSati #3

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