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Memorable Music Movies.


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Stanley Kubrick used music beautifully in his movies.

Good point. Beyond the obvious Strauss in "2001", and the violent Beethoven in "A Clockwork Orange", there is only two movies I ever bought the soundtrack from. One is Kubrik's "Eyes Wide Shut" (with music ranging from Shostakovitch to Oscar Peterson), the other one being Philipp Glass beautiful music to "The Hours"

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I prefer scores that aren't obvious,w where the music feels like a 'layer' of film, rather than punctuation.


Miyazaki's Spirited Away or Amelie with Yann Thiersen's clever score. The latter feels a great deal like a silent movie, in some scenes.


Films like Koyaanisqatsi feel backwards to me, where the score drives the images.


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I must admit that Thiersen's soundtrack is an essential element to the feel of the movie. When you here the music, you immediately get immersed into Jean Pierre Jeunet's very particular esthetic.

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