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Problem with itunes artwork


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I am using this version of iTunes on OX 10.6.2. When I want to add artwork to files, I use one of two methods:


1. I copy the image from the web (Google Image searches are great for finding artwork). Then I paste them into the artwork box.


2. If I have the artwork saved on my hard drive, I right click and choose the file.


Maybe one of these will work for now until the drag and drop problem is resolved on your end.


Sanjay Patel | Ciamara Corporation | New York, NY | www.ciamara.com

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Are you able to save the image to your hard drive and add the image using the "add" button or by right clicking in the artwork box (when selecting more than one song)?


I'm not sure what to tell you. If this doesn't work, you might try the Apple forums, unless others here have ideas.


Sanjay Patel | Ciamara Corporation | New York, NY | www.ciamara.com

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If you want to properly embed your artwork into the AIFF or ALAC files - there are several scripts (for Mac OS X) on the Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes" website which will assist you with this. Easier than manually copying and pasting.


[Edit] Sorry replying to a different question there ... bad brain day!






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