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Have You Tried Auro 3D Yet?


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I found the easiest way for me to upgrade and try immersive audio was Auro 3D. First, I already had 4 matching speakers I could use for height channels. next, I could place them on tall stands in the appropriate locations, no drilling holes in my ceiling required. Finally, I like the idea of using height channels that are real bookshelf speakers.

I use the auromatic upmixer exclusively. I feed it 192/24 PCM from my asus xonar u7 sound card.

The results are spectacular. I have never experienced a more "live" sounding 3d soundstage with music and movies sound MUCH more dynamic than with the atmos upmixer. The atmos upmixer is good but maybe because I have an auro layout auro just sounds better. I use the marantz 7702 processor and the upgrade to auro was way worth the $200.




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