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Clocks, USB/SPDIF converters, DAC, endpoint, PC's, isolators and cables

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The following prices and terms are firm.


Paypal will be paid by the buyer, ground freight will be on the seller. Only sales in the U.S. will be considered.


Every item is in flawless condition unless otherwise noted.


MicroRendu – Retail $640 / Sell $550 (no power supply)


Stanford Research FS275 Atomic Clock – Retail - $2,675 / Sell $1,795


Adnaco S1B Optical USB to PCIe/PCI Expansion System (installed in pc case) – Retail $599 (including PC case) / Sell $435


Uptone Regen (amber) Retail $175 / Sell $115 (very short hairline scratch on top of unit)


Acousence / Artistic Fidelity AFI-USB USB/SPDIF converter w/custom adapter to accept linear power supply - Finest USB/SPDIF converter available – Retail $1,310 / Sell $995


Wyred 4 Sound DAC-1 - $495.00 (not limited edition and not upgraded)


Light Harmonic Lightspeed USB Cable 1.6 meters – Retail $749.75 / Sell $495


Mutec MC-3+ Clock - Retail $759.55 / Sell $495


Mac Mini (two each) – Sell $450 - 2.3ghz Mac Mini’s, I5, 4GB 1333 MHz DDR3, 500GB, 2011


Intona USB isolator (industrial version) – Retail $348 / Sell $235


Yellowtec PUC Lite USB/SPDIF converter – Retail $483.00 / Sell $320


MIT Vero Full Headphone Dongle – 3.5mm – Retail $299 / Sell $195

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Is the Mutec MC-3 still available? What DAC did you have it connected too? If available, any chance at a price drop? Thanks



System: Fedilizer Pro>Pareto Audio Server with both Audiolinux (Roon) and W10 (Audirvana Studio) OS's, currently using W10 (control via remote desktop with laptop)> Original (2015) Sonore Signature Series, BNC/SPDIF > Yggdrasil A2 > Pass Labs XA100 Monoblocks > Triton Reference Speakers (modified) >Tweeked CiscoSG110D-08 LAN Switch. Cabling: Canare LV-77S SPDIF, Kimber KS2026 XLR interconnects, Kimber KS3035 Speaker wires.

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