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Article: The Music In Me: Under The Covers

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As for that first cover recording, Denny Laine of the Moody Blues heard Ms. Banks’ recording and insisted his band cover it. This was their first single, and they had little success with subsequent singles until 1968 with “Knights In White Satin” and “Tuesday Afternoon,” but by that time Laine had gone to Wings with Paul McCartney, where he sang the song a few times in concert.


I think Denny Laine had left the Moody Blues, but hadn't quite made it to Wings, as in 1968 McCartney was still in a band called "The Beatles". :) Wings didn't form till '71.


Note the song hit #19 in the UK on it's original release, but did much better on subsequent re-releases: #2 in 1972, #1 in the US, and #9 1979 (UK).





But the article was very enjoyable. I wasn't aware of the earlier and original versions of these covers. Thanks.

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I've got to get your book Fat Chance. KPIG is my favorite radio station. My favorite musical experience last year was driving up Highway 1 listening to the southern stick.


Wait! I'm really glad you want to get FAT CHANCE and you should know that it is now a hardback and in a few weeks it's going to be a paperback. The new version is SLIGHTLY shorter, but both are great reads. KFAT was one crazy-assed ride and very much a product of its time. If you order it now, you can still get it, but in a few weeks it's going to be better. And thanks for the enthusiasm. I understand the impact of KPIG, but wait'll you know more about KFAT!

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I hate to date myself but I clearly remember the Moody Blue's version of "Go Now" coming out significantly later than the original. About a year sounds right.


And I also really liked Big Brother's first album.


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