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Is this Mac based storage solution doable?

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I will be using a headless Mac Mini music server. There is an older iMac in the house as well. I would like a dedicated external storage device for the Mac for the iTunes store using either a USB or Firewire interface. My DAC will be Firewire so I might use the USB interface for the external storage. I would also like another larger external storage device, either desktop or portable, for backing up the music store, and for backing up the older iMac as well.


I'm assuming I can use Mac Time Machine on the Mini to easily backup the the primary music store disk to the backup disk thru the Mini. And can I see the backup disk on the Mac Mini from the iMac so that I can backup the iMac to it?




Dedicated 240V balanced power, Torus RM20-BAL. Mac Mini/Ayre QB-9. LSA Group Signature integrated. Eminent Tech LFT8B speakers. Real Trap and GIK bass traps.

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