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GTG - Nov. 12th - Princeton NJ - Start Time - 1 PM


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Time to have a RAVE with both Lampizator and GTAudio Works. I am planning the RAVE bit differently this time. My primary system will remain identical initially and later we can start swapping equipment in and out of the setup.



Primary System Located in Basement



Speakers: Zu Audio Druid V

Amp: Triode Lab / Finale 2a3 SET (Sovtek / Shuguang 2a3, RCA/GE/Russian NOS 6sn7/6hc8, 5v4/gz32 rectifier tube)

Amp: Response Audio 3205 Extreme (el34/kt88/kt77/6550 power tubes, 12ax7 and 12at7 as preamp, phase splitter)

Amp: Folsom Audio 7297 DIY amp

Preamp: 4P1L DIY Preamp or Gary Dodd Unity 6H30pi Preamp

DAC: Lampizator Gen4.5 with DSD128 and 384K PCM

PC Audio Receiver: Either a Win10 or Linux system running Signalyst NAA (Network Audio Adapter)

Audio Music Player: Win10 based Signalyst HQPlayer converting everything over to DSD128 (the server has enough juice left to upconvert everything over to DSD256 or potentially DSD512)

CD/SACD - Pioneer Elite DV59ai



The second set of speakers will be in the family room and they are going to be GTAudio Works speakers.



Couple of house rules - no alcohol or meat dishes will be served and please take off your shoes (feel free to bring house shoes/sandals). You break the rules I end up in the dog house and no more events :nono:


Either send me a pm or post in the thread so I can have a head count.


PS: In case anyone is wondering I have no financial stake in either of the companies, other than I know the folks and own a Lampi 4.5 DSD DAC.

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GTAudio Works will be bring along the following


Source .....JVC 1050 CD player

Pre amp.... PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium

Amps....... Paradox Pulse 100 wpc monos class AB solid state, single pair of Mosfet outputs.

Wiring...... Paradox pulse interconnect and speaker wire.

Speakers....GTA3R Planar ribbon 2 way speakers

Subs........Sound Insight SI-200 2x12" open baffle powered subs.


Information on the various speaker options available from GTAudio Works

GTA3r is the flagship model 78" tall

GTA2r is a smaller mid priced version 53" tall

The GTA2&3r have sub woofer options including sealed box, OB, or TL design.

GTA1r is an entry level model with built in sealed sub.

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Rave? As in, all night dance party with electronic music, laser lights and drugs? B/c that's what literally every other person in the world calls a rave.


LOL Feel free to bring your glow-sticks!


On a serious note, thanks for hosting this event, Deepak! I know we will have a great time.


I'll likely bring an Atlantic, as I know that is a piece people are curious about and also a new Amber and likely a Golden Gate. We'll also plan on lugging over a Komputer or two.


Should be a great time. I hope to see many of you there!



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