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Listen to iPod through MacBook . . .

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One possible reason is when you don't have the content on the ipod sync'd with the mac you want to play back through, but you have better sound from the mac (eg via dac) which you want to take advantage of.


It's easy with itunes content, but I'm not sure if it's possible to do this with other sound capable iphone/itouch apps, for example internet radio streaming apps. I suppose you could use a program on the mac to capture the analog input from the line in... but seems like a roundabout way to get a result.


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O yeah, didn't think of that 'cause I don't have that problem... there's software to grab music from your iPod/iPhone for both pc and mac.

Btw, what I said before doesn't work with my iPhone and I haven't tried it in ages with an iPod, so maybe this option went out with one of the many iTunes updates(?). But I don't have an iPod with me to try it.





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But if you have a better DAC on the Mac and play back from the ipod to the Mac and out, isn't the output of the ipod already been converted by its DAC? If that's true, then wouldn't it go directly thru the Mac as analog and not processed by the DAC in the Mac?


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