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Apple TV Gen 3 to Blue-Ray Player

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I'd like to use my Apple TV to receive iTunes audio over Airplay and then pipe it into a DVD/Blueray player which is connected to my amp and speakers.


I can use HDMI to connect the Apple TV to the disc player, but I think I can also use Ethernet (both units Ethernet jacks).


Is one connection method better than the other for sound quality?


(BTW, no Toslink input on the player, so that's out)

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Airplay resamples everything to 44.1kH, then the AppleTV resamples it again to 48kHz. I think any issues HDMI would have would be small by comparison. OTOH, the resampling to my ears is transparent -- I don't hear any evidence of it. All I am saying is HDMI should be fine. I think the only two options for getting audio out of the ATV are HDMI and optical.

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