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Any Way to Duel Boot Moode 2.7 and LibreElec(Kodi)?


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I was able able to convert the .img file of Moode 2.7 to the SquashFS and use BerryBoot to install it. Moode does work, but my I2S based DAC does not. I tried editing the config.txt file, but this did not help. Is there any way to get a duel boot with these two programs working? Moode is much better for audio than Kodi, but obviously cannot do all of the other things that KODI can do. Switching micro SD cards every time I want to switch from one task to the other is a pain.

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This actually got me close to working with a few rubs and a deal breaker.


Rub- The version of Kodi is one version out of date.


Rub- Not an Elec version of Kodi so no bluetooth or wireless options. Using wired internet to the PI, so I still have internet and I don't desperately need bluetooth in Kodi.


Dealbreaker- Most videos give me a few seconds of audio and no video. I'm guessing this is a codec issue. A cursory search for this issue suggested that I need to purchase codecs. Everything just works out of the box in OpenElec and ElecLibre.


Is there a way to fix any of these issues?

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Time to invest in another Raspberry Pi, perhaps?


Think of the time you'll save further investigating this.


If the plan is to use the same I2S DAC for both MoOde and Kodi, then that won't work as the DAC can't be shared between two Pis.

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System (iii) KEF LS50W/KEF R400b subs


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See post below for example of dual-boot config that seems to work.

Moode Audio Player for Raspberry Pi - Page 132 - diyAudio


I've not tested either dual-boot or coexistence with other players but I'm pretty sure coexistence won't work especially if the the other player manipulates any of the same Linux config files that Moode uses, or alters other settings that Moode depends on. Players like Moode aren't really apps per-say but rather embedded systems.




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