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HQplayer and ROON


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for Jud/FreeSteve/maybe Miska:

I can not get HQP to function with ROON

I have uninstalled HQP reinstalled it(redownloaded it) and on ROON the little sound bar for HQP moves up and down indicating music is playing but no sound

The HQP page shows my library but if i go to anything on that page either a flywheel comes on and i have to force quit or a rectangular bar appears on library section and moves blue bar back and forth looking like it is trying to 'load' something but doesn't again requiring a force quit

I had a lot of trouble when I originally bought HQP getting it to even install and Miska helped out but HQP hasn't really worked and I am stuck with it

I have a late 2012 Mac Mini i7 16gbs RAM and use USB out to a premulti bit Gungnir DAC

Should I maybe reload ROON which I just resubscribed after a short absence?

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