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Adding A Tube Amp To a DAC/Itegrated Amp/MAC Mini System

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Howdy all,


I'm looking at tube amps. Dared is on the current list (35 watts per channel). I am running Polk RTA 8T speakers (rated at 20-250 watts per channel, see, Vintage Polk Audio Speakers: RTA 8T for more info). I am currently running this through a Mac Mini/Aune T1/Yamaha CA-810 (late '70s vintage integrated amp). Question is, would the Dared be best on the DAC side or the speaker side?



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If you are looking for the 'tube sound' in your system, then why not consider getting a tube DAC. Eastern Electric make them, they aren't too costly and are generally well regarded.

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If you hook up to the just to the DAC make sure the input impedance between the components are comparable. Though most cases it's not an issue.



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