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Etta James & Megadeath DSD Downloads at Acoustic Sounds


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hello bmoura - i am super-curious on the Etta James (At Last!) ----- did you bite?


Acoustic Sounds has released Stereo DSD Downloads from Etta James (At Last!) and Megadeath (Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?) from Universal Music. Available for $24.98 each.




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Well, if the Megadeath offering is the same mastering and sounds anything like the 24/96 option from HDTracks ... Run for the hills!!! Calling its DR crushed would be a compliment:(


Unfortunatly I took the bait on the HD Tracks offering awhile back. What a mess.


On a side note, I've all but black listed Acoustic Sounds for their price gouging tactics. Everything they sell is over priced. I wish Pono Music World would come back as it was the most reasonably priced high res available, until it fell off the face of the earth :(

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