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Sales, Sales, Sales!!! Sound Liaison, ProStudio Masters, HD Tracks....

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Sound Liaison; Sound Liaison Music Shop all files DSD, Flac and WAV $11 / €10. that is 33% off Wav and Flac and 50% off DSD


ProStudioMasters; ProStudioMasters - Audio Uncompromisedâ„¢ - High-Resolution Audio Downloads 30% off on a great number off albums.

Pentaton via HDTracks; Pentatone Sale | HDtracks - The World's Greatest-Sounding Music Downloads $14.38 for all albums but only via HDTracks not direct from Pentatone.


Please list more suggestions.





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https://www.soundliaison.com/ has 20% off on all downloads this weekend.




recording engineer Frans de Rond is proving once again that his knowledge of mic placement and use of equipment is in a class of his own. 
He is able to create a sound stage, that projects an almost visual image of the musicians.
A sound stage which is intimate but also has depth and space.

The sound on the recordings presented here are like a three dimensional Van Gogh painting, where you can step in and take a look around.

All the albums were recorded in the legendary Studio 2 in the building of the Dutch BroadCasting company. The studio has a deep warm sound with a beautiful natural decay, perfect for chamber music and jazz ensembles. Studio 2 has remained in its original form since it was built in 1929.

Together with Abbey Road it is one of the oldest recording studio in the world.


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