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My computer frontend


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Hi guys!


I have been lurking in the halls of this forum for a while now. But there is one think i have not been able to answer by searching google and this forum.


I see a lot of you guys use Jriver and HQ player and these players look good and have a lot of functions, but the now playing screen is not very good when used in fullscreen mode. I am looking for a front-end interface for my music computer, something that can display the now playing album art and track info in a pretty way. I use Mediamonkey for music organization, Plex as a music server and i controll playback with my android phone using BubbleUpnp. I have been using Foobar 2k as a DLNA/Upnp renderer until now but it does not look very pretty on my tv.


This way i can stream my local content, play music from Tidal and listen to internet radio from XiiaLive.


I was wondering if you guys could help me find a nice looking frontend to display my now playing tracks on my tv. I am using windows 10 on my playback machine.


The system looks like this "Windows 10 server (Plex) -> Android remote (BubbleUpnp) -> Windows 10 (Foobar2k) -> Dac"



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Try Amarok. It's free and works on PC, Mac and Linux. Its hard to explain what it looks like because there's nothing else like it. You just have to try it and see. Most consider Amarok to be one of the best looking players you can get.

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Foobar has a ton of skins and customization that lets you do pretty much anything.


Foobar2000 Skins - Customize.org

Free Skins for Foobar2000 Music Player


Back when I used it, I had it look exactly like Last.fm... even updated with the website in real time including stats.

Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world - Martin Luther

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