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USB Hubs


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Need some advice/help on USB Hubs, which I know nothing about.


Here's my situation. I bought one of Gordon's Async USB Protons. I have the Amarra dongle (also USB), and my external drives are usually connected via USB (as I use Firewire for connection to DAC).


And, I have multiple computers. I'm assuming that I could connect all of these to a USB Hub, and then more easily switch all three connections simultaneously if/when I switch from the Mini to the G5 to the Macbook Pro. Gordon has already said that the Proton will work fine with a hub & Amarra when connecting to a Macbook Air (which has a single USB port).


FWIW, I need a tres portable hub even IF it's a bad idea to run through a hub as a general rule, due to my use of a Macbook Air for traveling (with Proton, Amarra, Grados & RCAs for connecting to others' systems).


So far, so good, I think. If not, someone please inform me.


Next question - I assume I probably need a (separately) powered hub, but would much prefer one powered from the computer (I think). If you've used a non-powered hub and can recommend it, please do so! I'll also assume I don't need a Paul Hynes PS for a USB hub. :)


Thoughts? Observations?


And finally, I'm assuming that I can NOT connect both computers to the hub simultaneously and have access to all. In fact, you're probably thinking - what a stupid question. If only USB had peer-to-peer communications (like Firewire) it wouldn't be so crazy to dream of such convenience.


thanks in advance,






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