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Drummer Mark Guiliana - Seven Drum Sounds

Booster MPS

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My roots in music are as a drummer/percussionist so this really speaks to me and I thought I would share.


What Mark is doing here is taking the bass drum, snare, and high hat and demonstrating the seven ways that these three sounds can be combined. That is simple enough to understand. Beyond that he take a 4/4 measure of 16th notes and shows the six different way that two notes in a beat can be played. Still with me? Next he demonstrates ONE of those combinations while playing the limb not involved as the down beat.


This is the practice that develops the art. As he states, "just because we can play this on just the snare drum, does not mean that we really own the material" is so inspirational. This depth of work ethic could be applied to a lot of things in life. Hope that this connects with someone.


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