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strange things A2+


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several things

1) my mac mini in audio MIDI no longer allows me to use 'Schiit audio device'(the little megaphone is next to Sonic Studio and A+ isn't compatible with Sonic Studio) when i listen via A+2 and the highest A+ will go is 16/44 in past it allowed 24/192 then wouldn't go above 24/176

2) now have to really crank up the volume on my old Yamaha rx-v2500 even with sound bar all the way up on A+

3) does it really make any difference if the stream says 16/44 in right upper hand corner and A+ says or used to say 24/176 or before that 24/192 on the left hand side?-i couldn't really tell sometimes

4) in the A+ preferences anything higher than 48 is greyed out now

5) if i play Qobuz by itself Schiit audio device is allowed to be the output same goes for Tidal alone ie without A+

6) what should be settings in A+ for 'low level play' playback options and what should the 'converter' be set as

thanks-don't understand why these changes occurred and don't know how to get them back

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