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Pucinni U-Clock - Ultimate USB to SPDIF converter?

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Having tried various DACs with built in USB input, I have found in most cases an external USB to SPDIF convertor can work some magic to computer audio. I have an Audio Note DAC 5 Special which has NO USB input.


I have had various USB to SPDIF converters and the best so far is the M2Tech EVO full stack. I think they look really messy and hate the wires everywhere.


dCS U-Clock

As we all know, we keep looking for new ways to improve the sound, and I spotted this dCS U-Clock. If I used it with my DAC it would be only the USB - SPDIF conversion, not to feed the clock as well to my DAC as it doesn't have / need that facility.


Has anyone tried or own this converter and how does it compare to others (Offramp, Audiophilio or M2Tech). dCS are top guys so I am thinking this device might be a game changer.


Puccini U-Clock | dCS


Thanks in advance.

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