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Transport + dac VS Computer + Dac

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I have built a cas system hoping to replace my current transport - Trac vrds 10. My external dac is spectral sdr 2000 pro. In fact the transport + Spectral work very fine for me, its smooth and very dynamic. However in afraid of one day my transport dead i decide to built a backup system that could replace it. The computer using is i3 + pci card RME9632. I ripped my cds and use the RME digital out ( coxial ) to connect my spectral, the result is good but still not comparable to my current transport system, the rme sound a bit harsh and flat.


I always want to know what can i do in order to give sound in the cas system like my transport or it never will ? I think the problem wouldn't be on dac ... What do u think ?

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