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First Post; Need Help, please: From macbook/usb/analog to mac mini/Oppo hdmi


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I am currently playing my hi res flac files from a first gen macbook via usb to a Peachtree DAC then on to my avr via stereo analog input.


The old mac does not have enough RAM (it is maxed out) to run Audirvana or jRiver, so I drag and drop my files into a free version of VOX. It works, sounds great, but is inconvenient.


I would like to transition to a mac mini, setting up Audirvana, playing my files thru HDMI out from the mini to the "HDMI IN" on my Oppo 103. The DAC in the Oppo seems solid. Then I can run from "HDMI OUT" to my avr and on to my flat screen. And I can control my playback with a bluetooth mouse and keyboard from my couch. Won't have to get up to change the album or the tune. Plus I will have a new computer in the house.


Does anyone here have experience with DAC vs. HDMI playback of hi res files? Oppo tells me there should not be any discernible difference in sound quality thru my system: HDMI from Oppo DAC to Denon AVR to SVS Ultra bookshelf speakers and sub.


Am I sacrificing sound quality for convenience? Any input will be appreciated!

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How about playing them with the Oppo and avoiding the HDMI from the old MacBook? You can do this with files on directly connected USB drives.





1. An external NAS > Oppo.

2. Raspberry Pi + external HDD (cheaper DIY solution) > Oppo.


The Oppo has a good DAC and also works very well as a network streamer/device.


The suggestion for an external NAS or Pi is because they offer better media/library management with DLNA/UPnP media servers and also excellent app support for Android and iOS devices to control and play the media. That beats both the Oppo interface and media/library management and also the BT keyboard and mouse you have planned for.

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