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exaSound e28 mini-XLR Femtoclock Multichannel DAC + Essentials

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To Computer Audiophiles,


I am finally willing to part with my exaSound e28 DAC. No longer is there space in my house for a home theater setup. I've considered using it to feed 2/3/4-way active crossover speakers but don't have the drive or the know-how to pull it off.


Along with the DAC comes a linear power supply upgrade, 7x mini-XLR to XLR Cardas G Master Reference cables (now-discontinued), Cardas Clear USB, and a pair of Cardas mini-XLR to RCA adapters.


I know there's someone out there looking for the best in multichannel computer audio. It really, truly, blew me away every time. Not to mention tons of fun to tinker with in JRiver.


Decked out set, ready to play

  • exaSound e28 v1.2 Femto Clock mini-XLR Edition - cost $3849
  • Teddy Pardo Teddy12/2 - 12V 2A Linear Power Supply - cost $359
  • 5x Cardas G Master Reference mini-XLR to XLR 1M cables - cost $375
  • 2x Cardas G Master Reference mini-XLR to XLR 2M cables - cost $150 (needed longer cables to reach 2ch back speaker amp)
  • Pair of Cardas Mini-XLR to RCA adapters - cost $118 (for RCA-fed subs)
  • Cardas Clear USB cable - cost $139

Total original cost - $4990 w/o shipping


I am offering this decked set for $2850. Includes shipping in the US!


My story: I had a 7.1 channel setup with B&W products all around and now down to a set of reference monitors in my home office. Previously, I used an HTPC with JRiver for music, movies, and gaming (using JRiver WDM driver for Windows-level mutlichannel audio) -- this was my dream setup. In my quest for perfect sound, I tried four of highest-end receivers and all were garbage compared to the exaSound e28 through balanced Rotel XLR amps.


I am using the Rotel amps in other setups but would be willing to part with them at a fair price. Only because I know what a fantastic match they are for the e28. Amps are RMB-1585 5ch and RB-1552 mkii 2ch both in silver.


If there's interest shown, I will take and post photos.


(Long time lurker, first time poster, legit audiophile, promise!)

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If this is available- please contact me

Dedicated 20A>>MacBook PRO Core i7>Decibel>Metric Halo LIO8(firewire) or Exasound e28(usb)>RedCo Mogami Multi Channel Snake Balanced Interconnect Cables via DB25 Neutrik Balanced Connectors 3 pin Male XLR-Blk/Gold or BJC RCA Cables

Dedicated 20A>>Dual APC LineVoltageRegulators 1200Wx2>>McCormack DNA 1 DLX mono blocks>Mogami W3104 bi-wire>Aerial 10T v2 Mounted to SoundAnchor Stands+Spikes

Separate 20A>>Dual HSU Research 10 inch Subwoofers

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