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Meitner MA-1 DSD/PCM DAC, Mint, with latest Firmware/DSP update

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I'm selling my Meitner MA-1 DSD/PCMDAC by Ed Meitner of EmmLabs. It is the most natural and detailed DAC I've ever heard.


It replaced my PS Audio DirectStream. I have also auditioned in my home in comparison the Resonessence Invicta Mirus, BMC UltraDAC, Exogal Comet Plus, and the MA-1 beat them all.


The DAC is in perfect mint condition, without any marks, dings or scratches. I bought it earlier this year from from an authorized dealer. Warranty is 5 years.


I am selling as I am leaving the addiction, I mean hobby. I just sold my amp, headphones, and music server.


The DAC comes with original box and remote.

Price new is $7000.00.

Asking $3200


Thanks for looking.




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